Trippki, a unique project, a kick-arse ICO

According to the most recent research, over 80% of current ICO’s are scams, plain and simple. Of the remaining 20%, 6% are failed in that they don’t reach their soft cap and 5% are classified as gone dead, which is no great comfort to the investor either. Only 8% of ICO’s reach an exchange and manage to trade. Of those, 4.4% are seen as dwindling, 1.8% promising and a mere 1.9% successful. Given the shear number of ICO’s out there, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff, the next Google from the next Excite?

Common sense is perhaps the key tool to use when looking at ICO’s and whether to invest. The strength of the team is very important, but there are plenty of ICO’s which include people in their team who have nothing to do with the project.. Similarly, there are many false claims about partner organisations and collaborations that are simply not true. Some simple checking can expose these claims for their falsity.

Some ICO’s exaggerate or simply lie about how much they’ve raised so far. There’s no real way to check this but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Many ICO’s will point to the strength of their social media followers, but of course these can be, and often are, simply and cheaply bought. Bots don’t invest.

Ultimately though, investors are looking to get a good return on their investment. So what are the driving forces that are likely to drive the token price up? The first is to make sure it will be trade-able on an exchange, preferably a decent one with proper KYC and security. Just as importantly, you want to look at the proposition in the White paper. Does it make sense to you and can you see how they are going to use the funds they raise to turn that into a business or a utility? Where is that longevity of purpose that ‘s going to make it a 5X, 10X or more investment? As an investor, am I ever going to be able to use the tokens for anything functional?

Though some people still decry the entry of institutional investors into the market, most believe that it is only through this that the market will mature. In addition, for tokens to work on a global scale they have to work on global platforms with good relationships
with fiat currencies. Does the ICO you are looking at have such relations?

In the case of Trippki, the answer is yes, yes and yes baby! We welcome anyone to investigate our team, contact them with any queries and ask them about their input into the project. If we claim to be working with a particular partner or organisation, then we are.

We have not made any false claims about the money we have raised and certainly have not bought any social media followers. Our community is real and passionate, and increasing organically all the time.

We are shortly to announce our first exchange listing, in time for the issuing or tokens for our investors. This exchange is FCA regulated and can market to institutional investors in the UK. We also expect to be able to sell to US investors legally at a time when very few ICO’s can. Partly this is down to our development of an Minimum Viable Product (MVP), again something that very few ICO’s have done. With many ICO’s the argument is that they need to raise the cash to create any kind of product. Trippki is creating the product before the ICO. Again, this is pretty much unique. What does all this mean? We all know there are risks to investing. but the smart investor will minimise those risks. At Trippki we feel we’ve done a lot of that work for you. We have the concept, the product, the team, the partners, the exchange, the link with institutions and many more announcements to come.

Trippki, a unique project, a kick-arse ICO.

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