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Imagine a world where every time you stay in a hotel you leave with something more than a sewing kit, a small bottle of shower wash or if you’re really daring, a monogrammed bathrobe a size too small. Every time you stay in that hotel or anywhere, you get something you can use there or elsewhere. A drink, a spa treatment, a meal, something you genuinely want.

The modern traveller is increasingly disenfranchised by traditional rewards systems. People are more and more used to points they can use elsewhere than where they originally earned them. Just because you enjoyed your stay at the Marriot in New York, it doesn’t mean you are going to stay at the Marriot when you got to Paris. Rewards and loyalty are different. If you do go to the same hotel and you earned enough points for a spa treatment on your last stay, you might just want to use those points to reduce the cost of your next stay. But you can’t.   Just as importantly, that boutique hotel you love in Berlin may not have a rewards programme at all and even if it does, it’s unlikely to be part of the same network as that boutique hotel in Bali you also love.

Trip tokens will change all this. When you book through us, our system automatically creates your Trip token wallet and deposits Trip tokens into it at the point of departure, or Proof of Stay. You carry them with you on a mobile or web wallet so no need to remember which reward programmes you’re on. They will be fully transferable between all participating hotels. They can be transferred to other digital assets or to good old fiat money. You get to choose where and when you spend them. They are smart rewards for smart people

You don’t need to understand the Blockchain or the world of Crypto to understand Trip tokens. All you need to know is how or where you want to spend them.

Of course consumers also like a bargain on the price of the room itself. Due to the high margins that traditional OTA’s take at the moment, it is difficult for hotels to reduce their rates substantially. As Trippki charges massively less commission than these OTA’s there is also an option for that saving to be passed onto the consumer. Even better news and something major to watch out for.

The last, but certainly not least, key reason why consumers love Tripkki is that they not only get rewarded for staying at the hotel, they can also get rewarded for reviewing the hotel. Watch this space for more information on Trippki’s smart review system, a landmark step forward on its own.

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Hamish MacDonald
Trippki Media and Marketing

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