Once a year the Blockchain Hotel located in Essen, Germany hosts the ‘Blockchain Hotel Conference’ which showcases international speakers, and enthusiasts from the Bitcoin & Blockchain industry.

The Blockchain Hotel can be thought of as a combined arts community, co-working space and hotel.

The shared building consists of various different environments including a luxury hotel, an apartment block, a restaurant, artist studios, co-working spaces, chill out areas including outdoor terraces, and a glass auditorium for staged presentations.

The aim of the Blockchain Hotel is to facilitate creative-thinking and networking which encourages development in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency sectors.

Format of Blockchain Hotel Conference (BHC2019)

The event itself usually runs over 2-days with a casual welcome party the night before.

This year however, they expanded the event with an optional 3rd day for a networking breakfast and salt mine tour.

The agenda typically consists of staged talks followed by two panel discussions in the late afternoon on the outdoor terrace; as well as regular breaks for food and beer.

This is the 3rd year the Blockchain Hotel Conference has run. However, between these conferences the Blockchain Hotel hosts regular meet ups, as well as their team attending a range of conferences across Europe.

My Favorite Talks

Below I have listed my personal highlights from this 2-day event which hosted over 38 international speakers.

The first being the launch of a new German based company presented by Martin Albert called ‘Lamium’. Which is essentially a tool for bitcoin maximalists to exist in a non-bitcoin adopted society.

Lamium is a platform where Bitcoin HODL’ers upload invoices for bills which need to be paid in FIAT. FIAT HODL’ers then pay the invoice and the Bitcoiner sends the BTC to the invoice Payee.

Lamium’s goal is to let people accrue BTC without using an exchange; thereby reducing fees to buyers and sellers by cutting out middle men and removing the need for liquidation.

It charges 2% of the invoice value to the invoice uploader. Of this 2%; 1% goes to the Invoice Payee and 1% is held by Lamium.

Vit Jedlicka from Liberland was also really good.

However the thing that made his talk stand-out beyond the infamous Liberland project was his presentation of an actual medal to Blockchain Hotel as a sign of appreciation for Blockchain Hotels support to the Liberland cause.

He also promised them citizenship which was pretty cool.

And the proud Blockchain founders did look dashing wearing a medal on their chest the rest of the day.

Overall I thought it was very touching to see a mutual appreciation between these two really cool projects; both of which are working towards similar goals of education, freedom and challenging the status quo.

Unique Factors

In terms of what made the Blockchain Hotel Conference unique – there were a few things.

Firstly, they had t-shirts printed for the event which were available for purchase. Beyond the default ones, 20 were uniquely numerically serialised between 1 and 20; in keeping with common crypto passions of scarcity and non-fungibility.

Of these 20, 9 were kept by the organisers and the other 11 were auctioned live by Theo Goodman which was incredibly comical.

The auction was conducted in FIAT numbers, but the payment could be made in any currency the buyer preferred; crypto or FIAT.

T-Shirt number 7 went for 77Euros, while a pack of 10 went for around 400Euros.

This was the first time I personally had seen a t-shirt auction at a conference. The only other event to host an auction (I know of) is HCPP in Prague who auctions off collector coins loaded with bitcoin.

Another unique stand out event was the launch of Satoshi Spirits which is a new Gin and Brandy being produced in Germany and flavoured with oranges from Sicily.

The special thing about these products (beyond their fantastic taste) is their super cool bottle. Its covered in Bitcoin references!

Honestly, even if you don’t drink gin its worth buying it for the bottle alone.

Insider Gossip

During the event two potential future cool things were announced.

Firstly Pavol; who runs Paralelni Polis the infamous co-working space in Prague and Bratislava (home of HCPP) and Hackatoshis Flying Circut); have decided to partner with Blockchain Hotel.

This will be amazing as both these conferences are easily in my top 5 conference recommendations.

Next, there was a roof top party with crypto themed music.

I tweeted about Niomi Brockwells’ music being played at the party and she replied asking Blockchain Hotel if she could come and play in person next year.

Which is again super cool! She is one of my female crypto hero’s and I think if she really did come to Blockchain Hotel it would be absolutely epic.

Overview – Is it worth it?

So I’m biased on this event, but for new attendees I would totally recommend this event again next year.

I have built relationships at this event that I regard as almost family. It is very honest, social, inclusive, fun and just awesome!

I would advise though this is an event best suited to Bitcoin enthusiasts and people who want to learn.

It is not a platform for ‘shilling’ and if you try to push a product on people in this platform it will not be well received. Which in my opinion, makes it even better.

Come try it! We can have a Satoshi Gin together at BHC2020

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Written for Trippki by – Krypto Flamingo