Dear Trippsters,

As we all know, 2018 was a brutal year in crypto for most holders of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The bear market led to many projects crumbling under the pressures of rapidly dropping prices and crypto treasure chests – it wasn’t such plain sailing!

At Trippki, our first goal was to create a product that enhanced the real world hotel booking experience, and our second goal was fundraising in order to do so!

Whilst many other ICOs threw in the towel, Trippki delayed and extended in order to counter the market conditions and attempt to achieve our target raise, which we missed [slightly]. However, we never threw in the towel and the market conditions made us stronger, more highly focussed and more motivated.

Over the last year, Trippki developed many strategic partnerships and signed a landmark deal with a US based Travel Tech company to give us a travel booking engine with a whopping 1.6m hotel inventory worldwide! More importantly, our hotel platform allows payment with either Fiat or Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin & Decred.

The Trippki Hotels Platform is launching in May 2019

Our Smart Rewards programme (TRIP)  follows shortly after the launch and our Trippki Travel Club membership gives access to up to 70% discounts on hotels!

Since our last update we have also gained some new team member. Dr Nick Almond, who adds fresh perspective, knowledge and expertise in Token Economics and Blockchain governance.

Dan Eve moved up to become our Chief Operations Officer brings both Blockchain and Business Analysis expertise. 

So, what else is happening in 2019?

  • We are in advanced talks with a number of crypto conference and event planning partnerships as preferred partners
  • We will also be introducing the Trippki Travel Club with exceptional travel discounts up to 70%
  • In August our Rewards system will be live with users being rewarded at least 5% of their booking back in TRIP tokens
  • More key innovations and updates will be announced in the coming months!


While others with far larger cash reserves have failed after the wind was taken from their sales, we at Trippki have survived and produced a product before fully funded ICOs even reached alpha testing.

Now we’re going to fly.

We have a much leaner and organic team who are fully behind developing and growing Trippki with a highly achievable roadmap in 2019 and will be looking to secure a second round of funding for marketing and further development of Trippki Hotels & the Trippki Travel Club.

So on behalf of the team at Trippki, we thank you for your patience and support and wish you welcome to the Trippki travel revolution.

Trippki is happening. You travel. We reward you.

Kind Regards

Edward & the Trippki team

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