Here at Trippki we had a vision;
a revolution in the travel industry that would empower consumers and hotel owners alike.

The Trip token would pay for hotels, meals, hotel bars, spas, skis and cream teas. The reviews would be trusted and rewarded, making the Trippki ecosystem a place where all travellers and hospitality providers would want to be. All we needed to do was raise the funds to build the system and off we would go. Back in 2017, the heady days of the ICO, raising the cash was the easy bit. Then we would have the fun of adding more hotels to our network, adding customers, innovating new ways to incorporate the Trip token, taking on the big boys of travel.

Then reality dawned. The Crypto market peaked then fell, the ICO market became a battleground of bullshit, a place where anyone with a half-baked idea and a made up team of advisors could launch their concept and attempt to milk the last part of the market where people felt there were 10x, 20x, 100x gains to be made. An environment where if you made enough noise and spent enough money you might just reach a ludicrous hard cap that would empower you to realise that you didn’t have an idea what your business was going to do in the first place. Oh, and of course your coin would fail so no xx’s for the investors, no “Sage of Birmingham” telling you how they bought a Ferrari with the profit from their babysitting money that they invested in a “Isle of Wight” coin.

Of course that’s one good thing about the bear market and the changing ICO habitat; bit by bit it’s shaking out the scammers, the bullshitters and the down right incompetents.

At Trippki we definitely have our faults. We were naive to think it would be so easy to raise the initial funds, optimistic at best to think that it would be easy to add hotels at a fast enough rate, simple-minded to think that taking on and Expedia would be a doddle. BUT we stuck at it, we twisted, we turned, pivoted, desperate to get ourselves over the first hurdle, because we realised that this was a proper race, not a sprint to raise funds and then hope for crazy returns on the token price before we had to even do anything.

We at Trippki still have the same vision we had at the beginning; the difference now is that because of the blood sweat and tears we’ve been through, we know how to achieve it. We are about to turn the whole ICO fundraising model on its head. No more bollocks about roadmaps to success based on the price of Fairy coin. The consumer is about to get Trippki handed to them on a plate.   They book hotels, they gain. They review, they gain. Trippki really is coming, and much, much sooner than you think. It will all start very soon so …

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