As we progress with preparations for the launch of our token pre-sale (more on that, below), we are very pleased to share that team Trippki has been joined by some highly influential advisors, including:

  • Crypto Expert – Marc Kenigsberg
  • Software Engineer – Konstantin Kudryavstev
  • Chief Technical Officer – Alex Karichensky

A full list of advisors can be found here and with such a wealth of experience across technology, business, travel and crypto, we are all looking forward to seeing Trippki develop further and become a fully rounded and solid project.

Under the guidance of Trippki’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mark Croston and Chief Technical Officer, Alex Karichensky, development of our MVP has begun and we will be sharing updates along the way.

The Trippki token sale is scheduled to begin with a pre-sale with discounts for early adopters. For all the details on the pre-sale please follow the link below.

TRIP Token Sale Summary

Join us in creating value and rewards for the travel industry.

Edward Cunningham
Founder & CEO

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