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About the Trippki Travel Club

The Trippki Hotel Search and Crypto payment gateway is free to all.
You can find hotels and pay for bookings using a Credit Card or PayPal in addition to the 8 leading Crypto Currencies.
Trippki Travel Club members also have access to exclusive discounted prices. And the discounts can be as high as 60%.

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay using a Credit Card or PayPal in addition to the 8 leading Crypto Currencies.

How does this work?

All Hotels plan their business and cashflow around a certain level of occupancy, say 70% occupancy. When things get busy for them they will be totally full, but most of the time there are some open rooms. It is possible to predict when they will have open rooms ahead of time. A hotel can fill these rooms up at a fraction of the normal price and improve their bottom line. We have systems in place to book rooms ahead of time and secure discounts based on the Hotel’s expected occupancy.

Why does there need to be a “Club”?

No agent or booking site is allowed to advertise rooms at a Hotel below their official minimum board rate. Legally they are not allowed to. You have to be a member of a club and club members can be offered exclusive discounted prices.

That’s all there is to it. We make our money off the club fees. We pass the whole discount on to you (our members).

Will the Trippki Club work for me?

If you book just 2 nights accommodation you will probably save your club fees for the whole year. The rest of the savings you get that year you can invest in your favourite Crypto Currency, or blow it on sweets. Up to you, it’s your money. If you travel frequently you will save yourself a lot.

What are the hotels like?

We have 1.6 Million Hotels listed with us. They are not dodgy holes-in-the-wall. They are the same Hotels you are used to staying in when you travel for business. Or maybe you usually go cheap, in which case you can trade up and stay in nicer places for the same money. Go ahead and Search our site to see what Hotels we have, just remember we can’t show you discounts till you Join the club.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes there is a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. We get it. There are fake sites out there. You don’t know if you are going to find Hotel you like with good discounts. And we can’t show you discounts until you are a member. So here is the deal, join up for a month and the Trippki Travel Club discounts. If you are not totally happy cancel and ask for a refund on the club fees. Read the full T&C’s here.

Do you have a rewards scheme?

Yes! You travel, we reward you with truly liquid transferrable Loyalty Rewards. You earn SATS (Satoshi’s, fractions of Bitcoins) when you book your stay through us.

What our members say

Send us your feedback and we will share it anonymously.
We went to the Monex Conference in Warsaw and stayed at the Intercontinental right in the centre for 35% less than other sites.    Our pool on the 58th floor had the most amazing view.

When we went to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we stayed right next door for 40% off.   There was zero hassle getting to the event and we avoided the crowds.

Our hotel for the Web summit in Lisbon  this year is already booked: a five star room for 43% off.    Result!

Do you really want to pay full price?

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