Why you should love The Trippki Club 

– where you really can get massive discounts on hotels

The Trippki Club is an exclusive members club that gives discounts on hotel rooms of up to 60% or more from our platform of 1.6 million hotels worldwide.   It is one of very few places in the world where such extraordinary discounts are available and we wanted to tell you why.

Trippki Club gives access to high end rooms for much lower prices

You may have seen the adverts for discounted hotel rooms and watched certain individuals constantly telling you how a certain Triv-avel site can let you compare prices across a range of different hotel sites and get you the best price.   Well guess what? Naughty naughty. These claims are not strictly true (to say the least) and most of these sites have had their wings clipped. They’ve been told by various International Travel Organisations that they can’t keep doing this.   Ironically, the main reason why they can’t offer such discounts is the very reason that launched the giant Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) in the first place.

A modern history of hotel bookings

Back in the day, you had hotels and you had travel agents.   Then the hotels went online and so did the agents. These new OTA’s understood online marketing better than the hotel chains, so they maximised their ad spend and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).   This meant that every time you searched, even for a specific hotel, then the OTA version of the specific hotel page would come up in the search. To do this, they had to make revenue. So the OTA took a cut, a commission, from the hotel, which of course meant that the net rate the hotel was getting for each room was lower.   

To stop the consumer going to the hotel directly, the OTA’s set up the Rate parity Agreement, or RPA.   This meant that the hotel couldn’t offer rooms cheaper to consumers than the prices on the OTA’s platform and meant an end to hotels and other platforms offering discounts to general consumers.    So when certain operators say that different platforms offer different prices, like other price comparison sites, it is at best a little misleading, at worst a downright whopper.    Just do a search on Google Maps for a particular hotel to see the results – prices are effectively the same across all the OTA’s.

Hotels can offer some discounts to consumers if they join certain membership groups or particular loyalty programmes but for the savvy traveller that would mean allying themselves to a particular brand, with all the restrictions that could imply.   So what’s the solution?

Trippki gives people the dream solution

Because of our relationships with all the key platforms in the hotel booking industry, The Trippki Club is a club membership with a difference.     1.6 million hotels worldwide across every brand you can think of, with discounts up to 60% or more! Discounts that are simply not available to the general public.

Hotels everywhere and huge discounts on those hotels that really make a difference.    

Of course you have to be a member to get them.

It costs just $9.90 a month, $49.90 for 6 months or $89.90 for a full year.

Most of our members (or Trippsters) save this cost of membership in one or two bookings.

Just visit us at www.trippki.com

You Travel, We Reward You.