Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Your last Club Subscription payment will refunded within 90 days of the date you made the payment. You will be refunded in hotel credits, which need to be utilised within 12 months, and must follow the hotels credits terms & conditions.

We offer a money back guarantee on the Club Fees paid if you are not satisfied within 30 days of joining the club, or if you don’t feel it is going to save you money. There are a few conditions to the guarantee to ensure fairness:

1. Did you encounter a problem when booking or searching? We ask that you report any problem so that we can have an opportunity to rectify it.

2. Did you try and make a booking? Please tell us the search criteria you used so we can understand what is not working for you.

3. We ask that you provide an example of what was not suitable about the hotel options you found.

4. Please be flexible in selecting suitable hotels. The exact hotel you want may not be available with a large discount when you want it. To take advantage of available discounts you need to be willing to use another hotel of similar quality and Star Rating. Or perhaps you won’t find the exact street you want, but you may find one very nearby.