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Trippki Club Members save up to 60%

Trippki Travel Club members earn loyalty points in 100% transferable Satoshi bitcoin fractions.

Trippki Hotel Credits are issued to Trippki members to enhance the value of your Trippki membership. One Trippki Hotel Credit is equivalent to One United States Dollar. To avoid any confusion the booking amount owing will be reduced by $1 for each Trippki Hotel Credit exchanged at checkout. 

On each individual hotel booking, the discount available, is shown. In addition, a variable number of Trippki Hotel Credits may be used. The maximum number of credits allowed to be used on the booking will be shown. 

Why only a variable portion of the booking price? The simple answer is each property needs to pay for expenses (laundry, amenities, staff, etc). 

Trippki Hotel Credits are gifted to members in accordance with their membership. In addition the Trippki Member may purchase, in the Trippki Shop, additional Trippki Hotel Credits to further discount their bookings. These are automatically added to your membership and are valid for 12 months.

Unallocated Trippki Hotel Credits are provided to Trippki Ambassadors, the validity of these are at the discretion of Trippki. In order to use them they must be allocated to a club member. 

Trippki Club Affiliate Programme

Earn up to $14  per sale with the Trippki Club Affiliate Programme!

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There is a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. We get it. There are fake sites out there. You don’t know if you are going to find Hotel you like with good discounts. And we can’t show you discounts until you are a member. So here is the deal, join up for a month and the Trippki Travel Club discounts. If you are not totally happy cancel and ask for a refund on the club fees. Read the full T&C’s here.

Member Savings


Portugal – save up to 49%


Indonesia – save up to 57%


Spain – save up to 60%

Buenos Aires

Argentina – save up to 52%

Cape Town

South Africa – save up to 60%


England – save up to 59%


Thailand – save up to 48%


Europe – save up to 57%


Japan – save up to 52%

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We love Trippki’s excellent customer service with the added benefit of discounts that the Trippki Club offers us.

The Trippki Club was a saviour for me when I was doing the World Payments Race and needed cheap hotels to stay in #paymentsrace & #teamcrypto

Our hotel for the Web summit in Lisbon  this year is already booked: a five star room for 43% off.    Result!

Join the Trippki Travel Club and save.