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Trippki’s ‘Live Coin Offering’ or LCO, is an evolution of the ICO token distribution mechanism that integrates the utility of the Trippki booking platform into the token distribution event. Before the main Trippki Vault launches, a number of smaller vaults will be utilised with discounted token values to incentivise transaction generation on the Trippki Booking platform.

Each vault will have an increasing number of tokens, with a corresponding decreasing discount value. Small token supplies are used to transparently distribute discounted tokens and to ensure a fairly balanced token economy.

The Trippki Ecosystem

Trippki is a hotel booking platform with integrated ERC-20 based TRIP reward tokens. TRIPs are similar to reward points found on many booking sites, but as crypto assets they can be redeemed on the Trippki Hotels platform or sold on the open market. This gives the traveler freedom whilst allowing hotels to tailor specific offers to their customers.

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In addition customers can write reviews be it positive or negative and be rewarded for doing so, however this can only be done through our Proof Of Pay model thus eliminating fake reviews from those who have never experienced the service.

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Trippki – What is in store for 2019

Trippki – What is in store for 2019

 Dear Trippsters, As we all know, 2018 was a brutal year in crypto for most holders of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The bear market led to many projects crumbling under the pressures of rapidly dropping prices and crypto treasure chests - it wasn’t such...

Marc Kenigsberg – Trippki

Marc Kenigsberg – Trippki

  Crypto Advisor     Tell is a bit about yourself & your background? I am originally from South Africa and started my career in the late 90’s in online marketing. I have worked in all areas of marketing and have almost 20 years’ experience with...

Leonardo Bassani da Silveira – Trippki

Leonardo Bassani da Silveira – Trippki

Trippki Operational Advisor     Tell is a bit about yourself & your background? My name is Leonardo da Silveira, a 40-year-old Brazilian. Throughout my adult life, I have been fortunate to collaborate on projects that gave people opportunity, being it...

Latest developments in the Trippki MVP

Latest developments in the Trippki MVP

MVP development is on track We are really pleased to say that the MVP is progressing incredibly well and is very much on track to being delivered by the 30th June as planned. We are almost complete with the booking process and back office functionality needed by the...

Trippki Architecture

Trippki is designed to evolve into a decentralised autonomous economy. The TRIP token will be the original decentralised part of the ecosystem. Future developments will include blockchain enabled ProofOfStay mechanism allowing for trusted reviews and an identity service to encapsulate the connection between cryptographic pseudonymous identities and hotel customers accounts.

Trippki Architecture


The booking website where guests can find hotel offers, make reser-vations and earn TRIP rewards.

The system control panel to Trippki ecosystem is the Hotel Management System, allowing hotels to publish offers, track reputation, build loyalty programmes and manage their TRIP reward tokens.


The exchange layer supplies liquidity for the TRIP token, with The Vault providing a stable supply of TRIP in the early phase.

The Vault is expected to function for a limited time only, until all its TRIP tokens and ETH are exhausted.


Under the hood is a toolset comprised of software libraries and code samples that interact with the lower layers and tie them together.

The integration layer is intended to simplify and speed the develop-ment process within the Trippki ecosystem, working specifically at the Application Layer, both for the Trippki Ul and for any third parties incentivised to build products for the TRIP community.


Supporting everything is the Ethereum Blockchain which provides the open, shared, decentralized backbone of the system. It creates TRIP Tokens and transfers them securely and robustly between different parties.

Also sitting here is the Identity Service, allowing both users and hotels to identify themselves on the system.


Q1 2019

Trippki Hotels Booking Platform Launch – 1.6m hotels accepting traditional and crypto payments

Q1 2019

Viral marketing campaign using TRIP affiliate rewards. Partnerships with Crypto Conferences and Travellers.

Q2 2019

Integrate TRIP tokens into Payment Gateway Wallet for receiving and using rewards on the blockchain.

Q3 2019

Implementing model of trustless review system via Quadratic Voting and our ProofOfStay protocol.

Q3 2019

Further strategic partnerships for expansion into car rental, activities & flights to strengthen the ecosystem for TRIP payments.

Q2 2020

Launch of other Trippki proprietary platforms & further evolve interoperable reward token services


Ed Cunningham

Ed has 20 years experience in the tourism, hospitality industry.

Dr. Nick Almond

Blockchain researcher and concept dev, focuses on token economics and governance.

Hamish MacDonald

Hamish has had multifaceted career in marketing for entrepreneurial, ground-breaking companies, from print publishing to gaming, renewable energy, financial IT and now cryptocurrencies.

Murray Barnetson

Murray is a qualified chartered accountant with a passion for technology and has been fascinated with cryptocurrencies since 2014.

Mark Reading

Marc is the owner of Talking Stick Marketing, a company that has represented hotels in Africa & Asia.

Vera Tochetti
Business Development, Latin America

Vera is a travel entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in founding and leading operations.

Graham Wood
Hotel Industry Expert

Graham was formerly the MD at Tsogo Sun Hotels and a Sun International…


Dan Eve
Business Development

Cryptocurrency miner and investor since 2013 with X11ASICs and GPUs currently in operation.

Charles Whitmore
Technical Expert

A technology leader with a strong dev background in finance and startup sectors.

Konstantin Kudryavstev
Blockchain Expert

A software engineer, a hacker, an angel and a crypto evangelist.

Leonardo Bassani da Silveira
Operational Partner

Co-founded and now helps AI researchers start companies at

Marc Kenigsberg
Crypto Expert

Online marketing expert and was one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency affiliates.

Hollis Hedrich
Crypto Asset Expert

Hollis is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global Advisors. At BGA, his bold vision…

Paul Gordan
Industry Expert

Paul is the CEO of Quantave, an institutional gateway to digital asset liquidity…

Peter Howitt
Legal Advisor

Peter has been involved in finance and technology since 2000 when he started…

David Pedrini
Marketing Advisor

CEO of Tokenomics Hub

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