September Trippki Update

We have spoken to our commercial partners, advisors, PR partners, new buyers and existing token holders. They have all said, due to the current market conditions, that now is the wrong time to close the ICO. Instead our money, and your investments, will have a much greater impact and return if we hold off until confidence comes back into the markets.

Everyone is still confident in the Trippki and ProofofStay platform and we have no doubts that if we go ahead anyway, we will sell more tokens and continue to build the brand. The consideration is, just how much greater will the impact be with a positive market in place.

With this in mind we are going to hold off closing the general sale until potentially the end of October or November, but look to close even sooner, dependant on market conditions.

This gives us the room to spend our budgets at a time when we will all benefit more effectively from them.

New commercial partners and clients

We are still moving forwards with our strategic and commercial partners and most importantly on-boarding new travel clients.

We are currently in negotiations with a commercial partner that will give us entry to the hotel market much much quicker than our white paper states. Stay tuned for exciting news to follow on this.

New advisors

We will be announcing the names and backgrounds of our new advisors very soon. Thank you again for your ongoing support and we look forward to keeping you updated with more good news over the coming months.

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