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Tell is a bit about yourself & your background?

I am originally from South Africa and started my career in the late 90’s in online marketing. I have worked in all areas of marketing and have almost 20 years’ experience with digital marketing. I spent more than a decade focused on affiliate and performance marketing working with some of the largest brands online and had the opportunity to learn from and develop relationships with some of the most successful affiliates in the world. I eventually decided to become an affiliate myself and operated various affiliate websites across multiple sectors including cryptocurrency. I have attended and spoken at conferences in more than 20 countries as well as written for publications in multiple sectors as a marketer and an affiliate.

Tell us about your experience of blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

I discovered bitcoin in 2013 and I realised that it had far-reaching implications for the world and the way that we interact as human beings. I started learning more about it and trying to understand it and found that there was not a lot of information available for the general public, so I started a blog detailing my journey and what I was learning. The blog developed and later became one of the largest affiliate sites in bitcoin. At the same time, I started connecting with bitcoin early adopters trying to learn as much as I could about it and try to understand the potential impact. I began speaking at various blockchain and bitcoin events around the world and started contributing to different industry publications. Since then I have sold my affiliate sites and built two new cryptocurrency businesses as well as advising to various ICOs/

How did you get involved in Trippki and why?

I was introduced to Ed by a mutual friend and he began explaining to me his vision for Trippki. The passion for the project, industry knowledge and elegance with which Trippki deals with inequality and the skewed distribution of market share in travel that got me excited. As I spent more time with the team and understood the scope of the project better, I was hooked.

What excites you about Trippki and how do you see it growing?

One of the most exciting aspects of Trippki for me is how it naturally aligns incentives of all actors to improve the travel experience for everyone involved. Unlike traditional travel and rewards programs where it is business versus customer, Trippki provides an environment where everyone is rewarded for the same thing; a better travel experience. Coupled with a true incentive for sharing experiences, Trippki is the first truly inclusive ecosystem for operators, marketers and consumers alike.

What’s the most interesting thing happening in the wider market?

There are so many developments happening so fast today in cryptocurrency it’s tough to pinpoint one thing. For me, though, the understanding of the wider market that cryptocurrency represents and will change more than just money is extremely exciting. As we see real world solutions, like Trippki, impact on non-financial sectors and people begin to understand that this is a revolution that will change all aspects of human life for the better. This allows people to begin imagining what might be possible with this technology and that is truly exciting.

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