Trippki Operational Advisor



Tell is a bit about yourself & your background?

My name is Leonardo da Silveira, a 40-year-old Brazilian. Throughout my adult life, I have been fortunate to collaborate on projects that gave people opportunity, being it experiences, capital or the development of ideas. I have also been fortunate to bring to life projects such as Currently, I am a founder of Gravity Berlin, a consulting company that helps people pull off successful ICOs, from whitepapers, token economics to management systems.

Tell us about your experience of blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

I am the CEO of a company that supports ICOs on Stellar and we are currently advising on 3 projects. We help them write stories, build transparent communities, reasonable token distribution models and work directly with economists to create useful token economies.

How did you get involved in Trippki and why?

I met Ed at a blockchain meetup in Berlin. I saw the usefulness for the Trippki token and I liked how he spoke eloquently on behalf of the project. I thought that my experience in could be helpful, especially when it comes to building ambassador teams and cohesive and memorable stories.

What excites you about Trippki and how do you see it growing?

I am excited because it breaks up an inefficient monopoly that makes travel less fun. It is genuinely stressful to get entire families involved in hunting for a hotel deal as algorithms try to use psychology to trick us into buying something we do not want. Moreover, I think it is fair to say that the owners and managers of hotels would never charge such an enormous commission to anyone and find it very unfair. The market is not giving them (and us all) better choices. There is also massive potential in using a token economy to incentivize hotel employees so we all get better service.

What’s the most interesting thing happening in the wider market?

The trend towards decentralized economies, stable tokens and low bureaucracy smart contracts. This trio of concepts, once they find critical mass, will change the way we own businesses, relate to co- workers and experience the world.

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