MVP development is on track

We are really pleased to say that the MVP is progressing incredibly well and is very much on track to being delivered by the 30th June as planned.

We are almost complete with the booking process and back office functionality needed by the hotels to put their properties and rooms on the platform for sale. 

Skins selected by you

We have also fully integrated the new skins that everyone seemed to like so the application has a really professional look and feel to it now as well.

Earning Trip

We will shortly be showcasing the Trip wallet, the Blockchain functionality at the heart of our booking system.

Here is the booking process

STEP ONE – Search for your hotel

STEP TWO – Choose your hotel

In this case the Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri, Cyprus

STEP THREE – Choose your room type

STEP FOUR – Confirm your booking

Once you have confirmed, see how much Trip you’ve earned!

STEP FIVE – View your Trip wallet and profile

The wallet is created the first time you use the Trippki booking app and platform and Trip tokens will be deposited after checking out or ProofofStay.   All guests will have direct access to their wallet from the app and booking platform.   Customers can see how much TRIP they have earned, from room bookings and reviews, and how they have spent their TRIP.

Mobile app developed in parallel

In conjunction with the web application, our tech team is also working on delivering a mobile app together with MVP web platform for the 3oth June.  The Trippki team has been working hard and is dedicated on all levels in bringing both products to this ICO.  We will constantly tweak, add and evolve the product as we go along taking onboard community comments.

A Trippki contributor? Why not participate in the beta testing.

MVP customers to start testing – From next week we will start letting our MVP customers have access to the application to give us their feedback and views on the process, functionality and overall look and feel. We will also be in a position to demonstrate the product to some of the larger hotel groups we have been speaking too, as well as other channel managers that are keen to work with us.

We are accepting a limited number of Trippki contributor testers, so if you would like to access the platform and give us feedback, please just submit your request through to

Connect with us on social:

Twitter: @Trippki_