Welcome to the Trippki Update 2020

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed 2019 as much as we did at Trippki – here’s a recap and update from the team!

Looking Back

In 2017 we realised that the rise of easy-to-use Online Travel Agencies over recent years brought many benefits to the average traveller but the industry has centralised to a monopoly of hotel prices via rate parity agreements. Major players charge up to 30% commission on hotels and prevent them from being publicly listed elsewhere for lower prices. Considering the evolution and ubiquity of Air Miles, the hotel and travel industry still lacks commonly known rewards that are both freely usable, tradable and transferable. 

Bitcoin Back

Our initial vision back then was ‘Bitcoin Back’ – providing travellers with a discount via Bitcoin cashback.  Given the issues with utility tokens we feel that Bitcoin is still the best way to go.

Back to Building

After evaluating suitable suppliers we found a hotel and travel SaaS provider that we could work closely with. The Trippki team’s software delivery experience helped fill the gaps of suppliers and gave us the opportunity to mould their product for our own benefit and reduce costly customisation. 

Backing the right horse

At Trippki we are aiming for the holy grail of mass adoption – to seamlessly sew cryptocurrency into the underlying fabric of the user experience without them needing to know they are using cryptocurrency – unless they want to of course! Bitcoin currently has the most liquidity, services and embedded infrastructure.

Back to the future with Bitcoin

A successful business should be enhanced by a token, not the other way round, therefore the business will move to Bitcoin only to reduce complexity, streamline services and increase profit margins. The ‘Bitcoin Back’ service will be implemented and customers will soon receive 4-5% Bitcoin on all bookings via Trippki Hotels – to use on their next trips, to stack sats or to withdraw for sale or holding.

Evolution of Trippki

The success of Trippki Hotels beta has exceeded our expectations – therefore, our new RoadMap aims to streamline the business and take advantage of industry opportunities.

So here is a quick update of what we’ve done and what’s happening:

Trippki Hotels

  • Beta testing successful
  • Trippki Hotels Launched
  • Accepts all major credit/debit cards
  • Accepts Bitcoin & BTCLighting
  • Total bookings of $62k
  • 70% of these bookings paid in Bitcoin

Trippki Club

  • Up to 60% off public hotel prices
  • Beta testing successful
  • Official Trippki Club Shop made public on 16/01/2020
  • Monthly, Bi-Annual, Annual Memberships
  • Credit/Debit Card Recurrence
  • High profit margin
  • Aggressive influencer marketing planned

One for the Road[Map]

  1. Bitcoin Back
    • Implement and launch the ‘Bitcoin Back’ initiative so customers can start stacking Sats with their hotel bookings
  2. Trippki Hotel Credits (Travel Club)
    • Implement and launch hotel credit reward system for extra discounts within the Travel Club.
  3. Development – Payment Processing
    • Bring cryptocurrency payment processing in-house
    • Trippki to run Bitcoin and Lightning full nodes & via Nodl (Nodl)
    • Switch to open source BTCPay Server 
    • Enable Changelly for additional crypto payment methods
  4. Development – Trippki Hotel & Club Platforms
    • Continued development for both Hotel and & Club platforms 

Long Term Goals

  • Trippki Payment Card
    • Book your hotel, turn up and tweet photo, have Sats back immediately credited to your card to use on your trip
  • Trippki Utility Token
    • Token built on the success of the business and actual utility
      • No token sales or token whales
      • Ultra-wide distribution
      • Bespoke sidechain
        • Fully scalable
        • Company benefits from sidechain transaction fees
    • Simple and Fair Tokenomics
      • 70% – Consumers
        • Earned or bought via Trippki services only
          • E.g. 5% cash back from booking hotel
      • 30% – Company
        • Unlocked via sales milestones only e.g. 3% Company unlocked upon 10% of Consumer tokens earned
  • Global Travel Reward Rollout
    • Flights
    • Homestays e.g. AirBnB
    • Car Rentals
    • Experiences
  • Traveller Reviews
    • Innovative ‘Proof Of Stay’ to combat the fake review industry

Watch this space for ongoing updates.


You Travel, We Reward You.

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