Coming up on 19-21 July in Prague, Trippki has partnered with a real Cypherpunk event, Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit, an event far removed from the corporate world of so many recent Blockchain conferences.

The organisers, Paralelní Polis‘ mission is to bring alternatives and tools for preventing growing authoritarian tendencies in society. The Flying Circuit is an “intervention” of cypherpunks into public space to concentrate inspiration and knowledge.   

They want to address the sick parts of the system and fix them with solutions resulting from privacy and decentralized principles. The key goal of the hackathon is to prototype new concepts that will help people to protect their digital identity or exploit existing systems that were built to constrain personal freedom.   Hackatoshis’s Flying Circuit aim is to motivate hackers, makers and developers to take their tools and put their skills into practice. 

There will be a weekend-long hacking competition focused on privacy, individual freedom, decentralization and viable system exploits, with the winning teams awarded with prize money, in cryptocurrency of course.

Events such as these are well suited to Prague, a city with a long history of struggle for human rights, famously demonstrated by its defenestrations (literally throwing the bad people out of windows) in the 15th and 17th centuries.    Prague has also become one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe, famous for its architecture, art and lively night-life. The music scene varies from classical music in beautiful baroque churches to opera in the State Opera house,  from jazz to techno, all best in breed. For food and drink, Prague is rightly known for its excellent beer, beef and dumplings, gingerbread and pastries. Enjoy your hard won freedoms!


Charles Bridge, you’ll recognise it from countless movies and great for a romantic meeting point, Look at the clock in Old Town Square or Check out the Zizkov television tower for contemporary communist style.

Art, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs

There’s  the Leica Museum, for a wide range of photography Or seek out David Cerny’s babies at Kampa Museum and Park

Cafe Montmartre, Kafka hung out there.

Check out U Fleku, Prague’s oldest restaurant, still going strong after 500 years! For something more modern, try Portfolio Restaurant.

And then there are the clubs…we like Chapeau Rouge, Below ground lie several stories of bars and dancefloors. The deeper you go, the madder it gets.

So for all those hackers needing accommodation for the amazing Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit next weekend, then Trippki will gladly be of service to you.