Value Of Bitcoin Conference 2019

Value Of Bitcoin Conference 2019


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Enable a dialogue about bitcoin

The VoB is a dialogue event that brings together skeptics, advocates, entrepreneurs and inquisitive decision makers. It is a platform to discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of bitcoin. Nobody knows how this socio-economic experiment will pan out but there are many who have strong differing opinions about it. The goal is to get a comprehensive understanding and enable all attendees to make well-informed decisions about bitcoin related to their profession.

Get the essence of the current discussions and look deeper than mainstream information.

Topics to debate

Looking beyond the price

Bitcoin’s monetary policy: pros and cons
Potential consequences of bitcoin on the global economy
Intrinsic value of bitcoin
Bitcoin and banking products
A nation-state-independent world currency
Bitcoin’s massive craving for energy
Risks and opportunities of dealing with bitcoin

Questions to answer

Informed decision making

Will bitcoin stay?
Will the price of bitcoin rise?
Is bitcoin money or even currency?
How does bitcoin compare to gold?
Will bitcoin cause a free market for money?
Would bitcoin assert itself on a market for money?
What is the difference to other “crypto currencies”?



03 Jun 2019


250 - 1250 EUR

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