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Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit, Prague, CZ, 2019

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Paralelní Polis’ mission is to bring alternatives and tools for preventing authoritarian tendencies in society. Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit is an intervention of cypherpunks into both virtual and physical public space to concentrate inspiration and knowledge to address sick parts of the system and fix them with solutions resulting from privacy and decentralized principles.

True hackathon
Weekend-long hacking competition focused on privacy, individual freedom, decentralization and viable system exploits. Each track will have three winning teams awarded with prize money (cryptocurrency) & sw from the sponsors. Code submissions have to be open sourced.

Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis (HCPP) has been successful in gathering great minds and thinkers from the Cypherpunk and Cryptoanarchist space. Yet all of the topics and ideas discussed during the congress are only as good as they can be applied, performed or achieved. Hackatoshis’s Flying Circuit should motivate hackers, makers and developers to take their tools and skills into practice. The key goal of the hackathon is to prototype new concepts that will help people to protect their digital identity or exploit existing systems that were built to constrain personal freedom.

Prize money
Each track will have 3 winning teams which means 9 winning teams in total! The winners will be picked on the last day (July 21st) by a group of judges. The criteria will vary based on the competition track. The current total prize money is set to $5100 and may be extended if we find more sponsors.

1st = $1000
2nd = $500
3rd = $200
Projects participating in the privacy challenge should enhance the power of individuals over their personal data. The teams should focus on systematically limiting the privacy breaching factors rather then performing phishing attempts and social attacks during the event itself ;).

Decentralization is one of the key topics surrounding Paralelni Polis, it’s a universal protection against a single point of failure in most systems including human decision making. Teams in this track should help to discover SPoFs and design fixes.

Urban Hacktivism
This track doesn’t require to spend the weekend inside, on the contrary, projects submitted for this track have to be materialized in the city of Prague. The installations or performances have be relevant for Paralelni Polis and should encourage an independent society or discover nonsense in the urban infrastructure.

Open Exploit Awards
Group of curators will pick interesting exploits that were revealed over the course of last year and award those who released them. These teams will be ceremonially awarded (present or remote) and publicly praised for their actions (unless they don’t want to). Anyone can nominate a project directly to hackatoshi@flyingcircuit.com!

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19 Jul 2019 - 21 Jul 2019

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Paralelní Polis
Paralelní Polis, Dělnická 43, Praha 7, Czechia
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