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Blockchain Revolution Global, 2020

Blockchain Revolution Global : What is blockchain & Who should attend?

Blockchain represents nothing less than the second era of the internet – an evolution from a platform for communicating information to a platform for transacting value. Using cryptography, collaboration, and some clever code, blockchain allows us to securely transact anything of value, from money and stocks to data, art, votes, and more. 

This technology is transforming the way we do business, and every industry will be affected.

Sectors : 

Banking and financial services

With everything from triple-entry accounting to tokenized securities, blockchain is turning the world of finance on its head.

Transportation and supply chain management

Blockchain is changing the way businesses move goods around the world, with new, smart supply chains.


From pharmaceutical research to patient care, blockchain is helping make healthcare more accessible, secure, and efficient.

IT/software development

Blockchain is transforming the digital world, helping companies build improved networks for storing and moving value.

The conference format

Blockchain Revolution Global’s one-of-a-kind format puts all its presenters on a 360° stage. Using an innovative audio system, attendees never need to worry about missing out on thought-provoking case studies, brain dates and more!

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07 Apr 2020 - 08 Apr 2020


690 - 1190 USD