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BenZinga Trading Summit



What Is The Benzinga Trading Summit?

The Benzinga Trading Summit is where traders gain their edge from Trader Talks from the most trusted names in finance and the option to trade along with the world’s greatest day traders. General admission includes Trader Talks, while attendees seeking intensive mentoring may purchase premium passes for access to the Live Trading Lounge.

What Makes This Event Different?

Honesty. That’s what separates effective trading & investing education from complete BS. That’s why we’re assembling an all-star lineup of the most successful, most honest traders on the planet. No marketing gimmicks. No BS.

When we tell you you’re going to learn how Chris Camillo turned $20,000 into $10,000,000 in audited results — he’ll be telling you the honest-to-goodness truth. You will learn first hand how you can apply his knowledge and use of leverage to your own trading strategy in order to truly 10x your returns.

The Trading Summit is where you’ll hear from:

  • The most successful day traders
  • CEO’s of trustworthy micro- and small-cap companies
  • Cutting edge trade tech providers
  • Educators who are making the dream of day trading come true for retail traders

Enjoy unprecedented access to live trading with the best and brightest traders, exclusive keynotes, sneak-peek tech demos, and hot-seat panels.


20 Jun 2019


67 - 417 USD

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