Scalability – How Trippki is expanding choice for consumers

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Scalability – How Trippki is expanding choice for consumers

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Trippki is already proving a popular platform for future hotel bookings and the rate of sign up is far greater than we could have hoped for. However signing up hotels one by one or even group by group can be a labour intensive and lengthy business. We want Trippki to be as large an ecosystem as possible as quickly as possible and are developing a number of different routes to achieve this.

At Trippki we are working not just directly with hotels, hotel groups and associations but also with channel managers to expand our ecosystem for both hotels and customers alike. A channel manager works as a portal, allowing a single interface to work with thousands of hotels at one time, giving the consumer more choice for both booking and the utility of Trip tokens. By working with channel managers, the Trippki ecosystem can grow by thousands or tens of thousands of hotels at a time. We have already signed up channel managers that give us exactly this access and many more are in the pipeline. We will announce these as they are signed up and give you more detail about how this model is far better for hotels and consumers than the old OTA model.

In some territories, it is the hotel associations that act as an umbrella for a large number of independent hotels. In these scenarios Trippki works with these associations to give us access to more rooms and hotel options more efficiently. Certain associations are also focussed on particular niche sectors, one of the best known being ski and mountain sports. In this situation Trippki will not only be working as a booking engine with smart rewards.

By nature of the ski ecosystem, we are developing a network where Trip can be used to book all the extras that go with winter sports activities. Trip Tokens will be used for ski and equipment hire, for ski passes, lessons, special trips and everything in this ecosystem. Just imagine how cool that’s going to be! The same model will be used for other sports: boarding, surfing, cycling, extreme sports, you name it.

Tourist boards are another group who have great control over certain geographical and niche sectors. We are working with Tourist Boards in Africa, Asia and South America to expand our network and developing similar ideas where Trip tokens can add value to the travel experience and even help the local economy directly, for example helping to fund local schools or hospitals.

We have strong relations with tour operators, in fact many of our team and advisors come from this field. This gives us another angle to expand the Trippki universe and, again, we will announce developments as they become official. Trippki will be many things to many people in the travel world. It will be a powerful force for change and a force for good. We will be publishing more information about all our developing relationships over the next days and weeks.

Keep watching and reading. It’s going to be amazing!

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