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Peter Wray – Trippki

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Loyalty Specialist & Trippki Advisor

Tell is a bit about yourself & your background?

I started as an independent loyalty marketing consulting business in 1998 following a previous career path for 23 years with ExxonMobil in their global marketing divisions. I wanted to create as an internationally focussed and independent loyalty marketing consultancy with strategic, tactical, operational and IT expertise across all aspects of Consumer Loyalty. I have worked across many different sectors and markets internationally including companies such as American Express USA, Loyalty Partner Germany, Etihad Airways UAE, Chevron Europe, Hertz Corp EMEA. Deutsche Bank, Qantas, Aimia, LoyaltyOne Canada, Oracle EMEA, Philips,Zen Nisshoku Japan, Warwick International Hotels Hong Kong, Kobi Coop Japan, Vodafone India and Jumeirah International Dubai. I have been a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops on the subject of loyalty and a regular contributor to specialist media. I have served as both a judge and chairman of the judging panel for the Loyalty Magazine Awards for the last 7 years. I have also contributed to BBC Radio 4 and World Service programs related to customer loyalty perspectives.

Tell us about your experience of blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain is attracting a massive amount of interest across many sectors internationally and within loyalty marketing specifically. This is being associated with cryptocurrencies, AI and other technical developments as a significant ‘futures’ path to impact upon consumer marketing generally and loyalty rewards specifically. A distributed ledger technology will have a place in the development of future loyalty marketing initiatives to potentially offer a more secure and personalised dialogue with consumers generally. We have only just started in relative terms on this exciting journey but we will probably see accelerated progress over the next few years.

How did you get involved in Trippki and why?

I was already involved in several other blockchain based marketing initiatives that had loyalty marketing elements embedded within their business model when I was introduced to the team at Trippki. I was briefed on the scope and vision of Trippki to disrupt the current status quo in international travel marketing. Having been a very frequent
traveller internationally in developing my own business and therefore I could see the potential for the Trippki vision and the possibility of creating more value for both the independent hotel sector and traveller.

What excites you about Trippki and how do you see it growing?

Basically what I have outlined above! The challenges ahead will test the Trippki development team but their enthusiasm and support to date should deliver a new approach to hotel bookings for consumer segments in the future.

What’s the most interesting thing happening in the wider market?

Where to start with this question and how long have we got to debate it! The technical, social, political and very fast evolving issues of cybersecurity and personal data in the IoT are all going to impact on suppliers and consumers over the next decade. The environment is one in which the only certainty is uncertainty on future scenarios. We have a perfect environment of the Chinese adage “may you live in interesting times!”. If we take energy, see opportunities and seek to deliver more choice and value for consumers this is a very interesting time to be working in marketing.

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